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1.  Nurse led PICC teams in Canada.  [30 replies]
2.  What wording & number do people use to identify "internal length" of a PICC? [16 replies]
3.  Difficulty obtaining blood return from valved PICC with positive pressure cap [14 replies]
4.  IV push practices for administering opioids in hospital and community [11 replies]
5.  Staff approved for Cathflo administration [11 replies]
6.  as anyone stopped using heparin lock solution (10unit/ml) for all their non valved  CVAD’s? [11 replies]
7.  IV product disruption [10 replies]
8. Could you tell me if your hospital is still using heparin flush for central lines? [10 replies]
9. Subcutaneous Butterfly - To flush or not to? [9 replies]
10. Smart Infusion Pump Policy [9 replies]
11. Peripheral IV competency package [9 replies]
12. CVAD learning packages [9 replies]
13. How soon can a newly inserted portacath be accessed. [8 replies]
14. Peripheral Insertion Learning package [8 replies]
15. Subcutaneous sites [7 replies]
16. Verifying the patency of a CVAD - positive blood return after aspirating blood prior to flushing [7 replies]
17. Cathflo use in occluded CVAD [7 replies]
18. EPOCH in the community.  Hospital owned pumps? Rental? Process? [7 replies]
19. Flush volume for PICCs prone to plugging | Devices for end of unused PICC |  Flushing PICC post blood withdrawal | Drawing blood from IVAD [7 replies]
20. PICC insertion forms [7 replies]

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