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Request to Invigilate CVAA Certification Exam

ex. 9:00pm to 10:00pm

Include address, city, province and postal code.

The following is a list of roles and responsibilities of an invigilator:

  • Performs duties at own expense (i.e. is not remunerated by CVAA other than mailing reimbursement)
  • Must be a current CVAA member in good standing with valid CVAA (c) certification
  • Arranges suitable room for exam writing 
  • Sets a date and communicates with CVAA national office to ensure exams arrive on time
  • Sets and maintains time limit (2 hours) and is present for the duration of the exam
  • Maintains exam writing session as a closed book session (i.e. no notes or discussion between participants)
  • Maintains security and confidentiality of exams prior to and following exam sitting
  • Sends completed exams to CVAA national office for marking
  • Returns all exam material to CVAA national office following exam writing (i.e does not retain or make copies of exams)

As an invigilator of the CVAA certification exam, I agree to maintain the integrity of the exam process as outlined above.



Input security code, seen above, here.