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If you do not know when your CVAA(C) Certification expires, log in and check your user profile or email Melissa at

In order to retain CVAA(C) certified status, members must accumulate a minimum of 200 points in the five-year period beginning when they became CVAA(C) certified.
It is the responsibility of each member to record their points each year. If a certified member does not submit their Recertification Points online before the end of their five-year period to indicate the accumulation of the required points, the certified member will be required to rewrite the certification examination and pay the required fee in order to remain certified.  It is the responsibility of each member to monitor his/her own recertification points.

CVAA(C) certification becomes invalid if the individual's CVAA annual membership lapses.

You can record your points as you acquire them or at the end of each year.  You will receive notification during your year of expiration of your point total to date and a reminder of your expiration date (always December 31 of your 5th year).

• You must obtain a total of 200 recertification points over a five-year period from the date of initial certification.

• Each recertification activity must relate to IV therapy and/or vascular access (the only exception being formal education), be a minimum of 30 minutes, and be earned during your five-year certification term.

• Pre-authorization from CVAA is not required in order for your activities to be eligible.

• The activity can be undertaken outside of Canada.  (International opportunities are encouraged.)

• Keep all documents that confirm your attendance at recertification activities. It is not necessary that these documents accompany application for recertification. We suggest that you keep them on hand as random audits may occur.

• Professionally and ethically, you are the best person to make a decision about which continuing education activities you can apply towards your recertification.


If you have any questions regarding recertification please contact the CVAA National Office at

Failure to receive a renewal notice does not relieve the candidate the responsibility to apply for certification renewal by the application deadline.


CVAA(C) Certified Members must participate in a random audit process during their recertification year.

Each CVAA(C) Certified member is responsible for tracking his/her recertification points. Members must have a minimum of 200 points in the five-year period from their certification date to maintain their CVAA(C) certified status. You may choose to rewrite the certification exam in lieu of tracking professional development points.

CVAA will carry out random audits of CVAA(C) certified members each year.

  • Members who have completed the recertification process will be blindly selected using a random number generator. A maximum of 10% of members will be audited each year (i.e., 37 members apply for renewal in 2018; a minimum of four (4) members will be audited)
  • The member will receive a record of their individual logged points for the previous five (5) years and will be asked to provide proof for all logged points.
  • The member will be given two (2) weeks to submitted documentation for recertification.
  • Documentation must be submitted electronically by email (paper documentation to be scanned and attached).
  • CVAA will review documentation and request any clarification or further documentation as required.
  • If the member has satisfied the requirements of the audit, they will receive a letter of confirmation and will not be required to stand for random audit process for the next five (5) years.
  • If the member has not satisfied the requirements of the audit, their certification status will not be renewed, and they will receive a letter of notice. To become CVAA(C) Certified again, the member must rewrite the exam.


For 2018, we will implement a pilot audit process during the fall of 2018 where 10% of CVAA(C) certified members who just renewed for the next 5 years (at the end of 2017) will be audited.

Members will be selected and notified by June 30 of each year, beginning in 2019.


The audit documentation review will be carried out by the CVAA Certification Committee.


Any questions or concerns can be directed to