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> Asked March 5: TPN with Primene triple connection required? (2 replies to date)

> Asked March 20: Required number of picc line insertions per year (per hospital/practitioner) to maintain certification/competency? (4 replies to date)

> Asked March 21: Independent double check of infusion pump settings (10 replies to date)

> Asked March 27: Wondering what the current practice is around medical imaging (MI) technicians accessing CVADs? Do MI techs access CVADs in your region? If so what training do they have?  & How do they receive training? (2 replies to date)

> Asked March 27: I have 2 main questions: (1) What everyone is doing re cleaning connections/not when changing line/add-on devices. Should this be a "sterile procedure" (sterile gloves, mask, drape antiseptic swabstick) or aseptic no-touch procedure (clean gloves, antiseptic swab)? (2) What evidence is this based on? (2 replies to date)

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