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Recertification Program

CVAA(C) Certified Members: This form is used to submit recertification points for the CVAA certification program. After you pass the exam, you have five years in which to obtain 200 recertification points.  If you choose not to recertify by obtaining points, and you wish to remain CVAA(C) Certified, you must rewrite the exam to maintain certification after your five years. A recertification certificate will be issued upon completion of your five-year period.  Each person's five year period is different, depending on your date of original certification.


  1. Enter the points you earned in the year you earned them into the form below.  You may enter points earned in the original certification year into YEAR 1.
    Example: If you became certified on July 30 2012, you have the remainder of 2012, then all of 2013 [Year 1], 2014 [Year 2], 2015 [Year 3], 2016 [Year 4], and 2017 [Year 5] to collect points.  You have five full years plus the time remaining from the original year you wrote the exam.  
  2. You can submit your earned points for each year as you obtain them or keep a record and submit at the end of each year.
  3. Confirm that the GRAND TOTAL for the five years matches the total you have on record.
  4. You will receive a copy of the form by email.
  5. Keep all documents that confirm your attendance at recertification activities. It is not necessary that these documents accompany application for recertification. We suggest that you keep them on hand as random audits may occur.

Those who were certified in:
 2013 - your certification expiry date will be December 31, 2018
 2014 - your certification expiry date will be December 31, 2019
 2015 - your certification expiry date will be December 31, 2020
 2016 - your certification expiry date will be December 31, 2021

Not sure how many points to enter for each category? Download this PDF or click on the small "i" for more information next to each category.


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